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Superior Land Clearing and Grass Slashing services at best rates by Acreage Maintenance Specialist


When you need the best grass cutting & slashing contractors in Darwin, Humpty Doo, Herbert, Girraween, Mcminns lagoon, Bees Creek, Howard Springs, the best company to choose is, Acreage Maintenance Specialist. We have been offering the best slashing services since long years and take pride in what we do. As we have been offering superior grass cutting and ground maintenance services from years, hence we make sure that you get what you pay for. With diverse knowledge and great skills we offer complete ground maintenance services including grass cutting and slashing and land clearing services that no one else can offer in Darwin. We are the industry preferred slashing contractors in Darwin as well as firebreak professionals.

There are no land clearing services we cannot offer. From rural roadside maintenance to the amenity management, we can take care of everything. We operate one of the largest grass cutting fleet and offer experienced staff to give great services. When you need the efficient slashing services in Darwin, we can take care of your needs. We have a team of skilled slashing and land clearing contractors who can complete the task within the given time and offer services which exceeds your expectations.

We at Acreage Maintenance Specialist can offer grass slashing services in Darwin and take care of all the little things that you want to be taken care of. We pay attention to the minutest details which make a big difference. It helps you to control the fire outbreak or spread of diseases plus also makes the facilities pleasant for the passing by people. 

What all land clearing and grass cutting services can you expect from us?


Whether it is grass cutter in Darwin or you need a tractor slasher in Darwin, we can help you for sure. We offer a huge variety of services at the best prices.

· Remote construction grass slashing services

· Roadside slashing services

· Ground Maintenance

· Firebreaks and slashing services

· Acreage maintenance services

· Roadside slashing

· Fire break clearing

· Bin removal services

· Weed control services

· Amenity maintenance and ground cleaning

· Campsite slashing and land maintenance

We maintain many remote areas and have been working with many big corporate and firms since long years in the industry. Our services speak for us. We have been known to help in the maintenance of safe passage for the general public, motorists etc. we also play a major role and help in the maintenance of the general infrastructure assets. Whether you need to do grass slashing in Darwin or paddock slashing in Darwin, we can do it all. 

There are several benefits of the ground maintenance we do

  · Acreage clearing services helps in the maintaining of safe sight distances particularly at the rail crossings and the intersections. 

· We help in preventing the vegetation from coming in between the guideposts, signage and other devices. 

· We also help in reducing the vegetation encroachment onto the railways as well as roadways.

· This helps in improving the aesthetic appeal of the places.

We offer

· Air conditioned tractors which help in performing the work with efficiency.

· We also have tractors with front end loaders which has the capacity to hold load and work with accuracy.

· As the great work depends on good equipment, we also have good slashing equipment which makes the work easier.

We have been slashing and mowing from the last many years and did not get a single negative review from the clients. Acreage maintenance services in Darwin given by us are also the best in the industry. We are industry preferred professionals and make your property ready for the future. Whether it is mowing the vegetation on commercial or residential property, we can do it all.

Grass slashing prices in Darwin, Humpty Doo, Mcminns Lagoon, Bees Creek, Howard Springs,  Herbert, Girraween is also very affordable and so you get the best services at great budget. Tractor and Slasher hire Darwin are the best offered by us. With great Paddock slashing prices in Darwin we offer many facilities to the clients.

Tractor Slashing, Property Clearing and Grass cutting services

We can clear over grown blocks and big properties. We offer a wide variety of services like propany size in the Ipswich and surrounding districts. Our range of grass cutting and property clearing services includes tractor slashing, front-deck mowing, ride-on mowing, hand mowing, brush-cutting and green waste removal.

Weed Pest Control

We have boom sprays which help to offer herbicide application services. We also offer a range of mesh and custom gate installation services.

Lawn Maintenance

We offer superior lawn maintenance services which you can get at great rates. The grass cutting services in Darwin offered by our staff is will surely satisfy you. We also rent tractor and slasher to hire in Darwin when the clients need.

Tractor Slashing services

Acreage maintenance Darwin is the best in the industry. We have the most affordable tractor slashing rates in Darwin which the customers can avail. Cost of slashing per acre in Darwin is the best in the industry. 


Though there are many companies which promise great services, when it comes to slashing contractors in Darwin we are the best. We have the best customer service and great services that clients will value. We know the importance of fire safety and make sure that the area remains safe in the summer months. We not only install but also maintain the fire safety precautions. We carry out all the necessary activities to make sure that you stay safe whatever time it may be.

So, no need to be afraid of firebreaks or lawn maintenance any more. When we are there you get all certified experts who can offer you the best ground maintenance, land clearing and grass cutting & clashing assistances in Humpty Doo, Darwin, Mcminns Lagoon, Bees Creek, Herbert, Girraween, Howard Springs. We know the whole work process and have successfully completed hundreds of projects. So, call us now and get the peace of mind you need.

Call the experts at Acreage Maintenance Specialist today and get the estimates of services you wish to avail. Call us now to know more about the services and the firebreak. We will help you stay safe and that is the guarantee that no one else can give. Just drop an email or call us now. Remember Acreage Maintenance Specialist, we are the best land clearing, ground maintenance, grass cutting and paddock slashing service provider in Darwin, Herbert, Howard Springs, Girraween, Mcminns Lagoon, Humpty Doo, Bees Creek.