What we do

Services we offer

We are multiskilled, and capable of tackling almost anything, however what we predominately focus on is:

Grounds Maintenance, We cover everything from full scope grounds maintenance including mowing, edging, weed control, fertilising, irrigation, topdressing and remulching of gardens, to just a mow or slash.

Slashing, we offer slashing we specialise in upto 20 acre blocks, providing a superior finish, and the ability to work around obstacles, and as many trees as you can throw at us, the machine is also setup to suit 3m+ gamba grass, and has an onboard spray unit for weed control.

Irrigation, including system audits & function checks, system fault finding, diagnosis and repair, system install and design. We only install quality systems which will give years of trouble free service and 

Landscaping, help with your landscaping needs, I prefer native landscaping and grassland area works, there are plenty of guys that do 'spec home' type landscaping, but that's not what I enjoy, so ill leave that to them.

Chainsaw Works, we can fall trees, or cut up trees that have fallen down and either remove them from site or put them in a pile on your block for that great bonfire night and cost saving.

Clients we service

We service all types of clients including Private residences, Commercial maintenance, Real Estate companies, Government Entities, and Multinational companies.

We are a very flexible company with a major focus on the high quality finish we are known for, so feel free to contact us to see how we could assist on your next project.