WHATS NEW / Announcements

Our Latest Aquisition

We have recently purchased a dingo to expand our capabilities

Coming events

We are eagerly awaiting delivery of our new trailer which will be setup to carry all of our equipment to every job.

This will include both mowing implements and the dingo and augers

Living Water Smart Garden tune ups

We are happy to announce we can provide Living Water smart  garden tuneups.

These are a no cost to customer service.

They are focused on educating home owners about their irrigation system and how it can be most efficiently used, whilst still having great gardens. drop us a line for more details.

Saving water and you could literally save thousands of dollars per year, Talk about a WIN WIN!!

Up and coming new help out program

While it is still in the planning stages we are excitedly working on help out program which will offer two hours of assistance per week to some one in need.

Updating our system to Service M8

We are keen to see the great results from using the service M8, and also keen to see how much time it will save.

Pricing Queries

Our Pricing will soon be live for customers to get an idea of pricing.